Product Model: P-1620
Product Introduction
This machine uses both vacuum principle and electric heater which is designed delicately to reach negative plate dry, the quality of the negative plate is better than those of the other machinery dry method.
The basket of this machine uses Aluminum alloy which is light and good heat conducting to reach the manufacturing effect.
There is an (1) Auto temperature controller, (2) heating time auto controller (3) Cooling time controller on this machine.
This machine only required the operator to install the negative plate into 30 pieces of Aluminum basket, the rest of the operation procedure will be done by the machine automatically.
For quantity of the negative plate installed into Aluminum basket, the manufacturing factory may decide and design their own quantity, only need to extend the temperature adding time. The quantity is between 1620 to 3500 panels.
The production operation time ranged form 3.5 to 6 hours which depends on the quantity of the negative plate to match the operation time.
The manufacturing factory uses this kind of machine shall match with (1) Power source (2) Water.
We have been continually doing research and design, the specification is subject to change without notice.

30pcs aluminum cassettes in P-1620
Specification Explanation
Purpose : To vacuum dry the negative polar board.
Feature : Negative polar board 1620-3500 big pieces.
Horse Poser : 71/2 HP
Dimension : (L) 1900mm x (W)1850mm x (H)2500mm
Weight : 3200kgs

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