Product Model: M-5G
Product Introduction
This machine applies suspension panel auto conveying and uses gas to heat so as to meet surface panel dry delicate design purpose .
The stainless steel conveying chain 425# × double rows, variable speed control to reach the ideal grid panel distance .
The conveying chain is of rail type chain. Roller drive to reduce the friction coefficient and to stabilize the conveying of the machine .
The width of conveying chain can be adjusted from 160mm to 320mm which may accommodate all kinds of grid panel specification .
There is an auto temperature control device and a panel output counter in this machine .
Model: M -5G pasting machine oven uses gas to heat up , Gas pressure is middle pressure .

M-5G is suitable for thickness plate.

Specification Explanation
Purpose : Bake surface of panel by auto conveying .
Feature : Bake 80~150 pieces of panel per minute .
Horse Power : Main engine 1HP
Dimension : (L) 8950mm x (W)1050mm  x (H)1550 mm
Weight : 1200KG

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