Product Model: PA-300R
Product Introduction
This machine uses high-speed and automation design, whose panel is quite stable, and easy to operate.
This machine is available for automobile, motorcycle, NP storage battery low-antimony or calcium Plate pasting.
This machine can automatically paste its plate with thickness 1.0T~4.0T, length 285mm and width 170mm, as well as length of hangers on the two sides is within 330mm.
This machine can automatically paste more than 100~ 180 double panels per minute【pasting speed can be adjusted according to different panel width 】.
Function Explanation
1、This machine uses unoil vacuum pump to match vacuum control valve so as to feed grids exactly and automatically. The spindle uses super-bard rack to match the line bearing so as to reach high-speed standard.
2、The grid feeding design applies extract inching theory, and can be adjusted according to grid width.
3、The conveying speed of panel and pasting conveyer of hopper can be set and adjusted through frequency transformer.
4、The inlet of hopper is fixed by feeding rubber roller and hopper, among which feeding rubber roller can easily control its up and down, and the hopper is fitted to two finishing rollers, which can completely cover the grid. And its front roller is covered with stainless steel plate for【avoiding that the grid is blocked by backflow pasting 】, such that the grid can smoothly enter into.
5、This hopper exit is fitted with one extra-hard-steel contact roller and its panel pasting thickness can reach 0.1m/m precision.
6、After striking by extra-hrad-steel contact roller, the pasting directly feeds panel to dripping-sulfuric contact roller unit for flatting and adding sulfuric. The machine is equipped with two sets of dripping-sulfuric contact roller units, which can【increase the acid content of panel】. And at the same time, dripping-sulfuric contact roller is equipped with safety device for avoiding the sulfuric spurring out, and protection of operator's safety as well as prolonging machine's service life.
7、Non-dripping roller unit flatting device is designed because 【lead plaster on the plate shall be diluted】 after the panel is struck off by dripping contact roller unit.
8、The hopper is lifted with front cylinder, which can rapidly replace conveying belt and install hopper and pasting accessories.
9、This machine is equipped with two sets of dripping-sulfuric contact roller and the complete sulfuric piping circulation device, such that the manufacturer needn't ass peripheral to the machine.
10、This machine is equipped with automatic indication panels per minute for adjusting panel pasting speed】and indicator lamp for warning gird of refilling materials.
11、Conveyor specification : 【 American made #613T 1/4" x W13" x L100"】.
12、The factory manufacturing this machine shall be equipped with (1)power source, (2) air pressure (3)water (4)sulfuric acid.

Grid feeding frame and console switch  Contact rollers in pasting hopper  Control casing

 Panel inlet contact roller unit  Panel thickness adjustment unit Two sets of vitriol contact roller unit
Specification Explanation
Tree-phase power supply, voltage and frequency in accordance with customer's requirements.
Horsepower : Main Body 7.5HP, hopper 5HP, grid feeding frame 1/2HP, vacuum pump 1HP, sulfuric acid motor 1/4 HP.
Machine size : (L)3270mm x (W)1414mm x (H)1700mm
Loading size of machine : (L)3600mm x (W)1650mm x (H)1960mmWeight : Net weight 2000kgs. : Gross weight 2300kgs.
The specification will be changed without notice owing to our continuous research and design.

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