Product Model: T-80
Product Introduction
This machine is designed under air pressure and machinery principle available for automatic circular cutting panel.
This machine is available for automobile, motorcycle, NP battery plate.
The factory manufacturing this machine shall be equipped with (1)Power source (2)air pressure (3)dust exhaust apparatus.
Function Explanation
1.  This machine is sealed well with a front safety door capable of open and close automatically, preventing against lead drops and dust pollutions and ensuring the effects of environmental protection.
2.  Auto safety door and material-pressured device are designed for this machine, which ensures the operation is simple, i.e. the operators just need to put panel on the cutting frame and then take out.
3.  Super-hard spindle is used for this machine to match linear bearing, which ensures the machine is never worn out.
4.  Rapid die-replacing device by cutting frame is designed for this machine, capable of correct calibration of cutting center.
5.  This machine is equipped with auto-cut safety spindle for ensuring operator's safety.
6.  The panel is equipped with one to six saw blades, with a cutting height of 60 to 70mm at a time.
7.  High-grade tungsten steel saw blade is used for this machine to make the finished product perfect. The saw blade has a longer service life. And its specification is KN-305mm x 100P x 2.0 mm x 25.4 mm -AB 【The saw blade with various thickness can be provided according to customer's requirement】.

Automatic door Replacement of saw carriage  Control casing

Saw blade Cutting frame of base plate Saw blade of cutting frame of base plate
Specification Explanation
Tree-phase power supply, voltage and frequency in accordance with customer's requirements.
Machine size:(L)1250mm x (W)1185mm x (H)1354mm
Loading size of machine:(L)1400mm x (W)1330mm x (H)1550mm
Weight:Net weight 400kgs. ; Gross weight 500kgs.
The specification will be changed without notice owing to our continuous research and design.

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