Product Model: CA-40AH
Product Introduction
This machine is specially designed for the purpose of automatically casting grids of lead-calcium alloy and low-antimony alloy in high efficiency in order to satisfy the current demand for alloy type low maintenance batteries. The machine structure allows a long time of smooth operation. And the automatic grid casting machine can produce grids with a thickness less than 4mm, which are suitable for automobile, motorcycle, and closed storage batteries. The production speed can reach 8-16 pieces of grids per minute.
Function Explanation
1.The method of lead-boiler rising and gravity dropping is used in this machine for the supply of material. The lead flow is automatically and accurately controlled by the precision lead valve and timer. The lead boiler and lead conveying pipe are heated by means of the electric heating tube, easily removable and replaceable. A heat insulating device is also used to save energy. When the machine is at operation, if the material in the lead boiler decreases, an automatic warning of refilling material will be given right away. The air extracting cover on the top of the lead boiler contains the lead inlet and waste inlet. And inside the lead boiler, there is a protective devise for the electric heating tube.
2、The lead ladle of this machine is a closed one, equipped with the electric heating and exidation / flame resisting devices. And there are also the alloy and lead drop remover and relevant equipment. The lead ladle is automatically controlled through air pressure, matching with the machine speed to meet bifferent requirements.
3、The grid mold is made of special material, and grids can be produced according to the customer's design and requirements. The mold temperature is automatically controlled by means of water cooling. When the machine pauses, the cooling water will stop automatically, and the mold temperature will be maintained automatically, too.
4、Both the slant plate and cutter mold are with the water cooling design, and the cutter mold blades are equipped with the automatic lubricating device. There are three specifications of cutter molds: fixed cutter, used for cutting the upper and lower ends of grids, based on the grid dimension: (B) adjustable cutter (this cutter mold does not contain the water cooling desing), used for cutting the upper and lower ends of grids, with an adjustable width of 100-165mm; (C)single- blade cutter, used for cutting the upper opening only, without any cutting device for the lower end, and with a cutting width of 100-165mm. The design of cutter mold is the most reasonable, helping the manufacturer to lower the cost and easy for maintenance.
5、The grid pallet device is a two-sectional adjustable mechanism. An empty pallet returning back can be adjusted to a higher speed. And there is a device preventing the transformation of grids.
6、Regarding the waste recycling, the waste cut off by the cutter mold will be sent automatically to the back of machine and then sent automatically by the vertical type recycling machine toward the lead boiler on the upper side. The whole process is a smooth operation. And a special converying system by cylinder is used for the whole operation of vertical type recycling machine. No waste will fall off. Besides, the system is low in noise and easy for maintenance.
7、The concentrated type controlling switches and gauges are installed on the side of machine, very easy for operation. The temperature of lead boiler, lead conveying pipe, lead tank, and mold are controlled automatically. There is also a design of automatic warning which will be given if the electric heating tube breaks down. And the speed adjustment can be displayed directly on the controlling panel by showing the number of casting per minute.
8、The factory manufacturing the machine shall be careful to match (1)power source;(2)air pressure;(3)gas;(4)water.

 Automatic lead valve and lead ladle  Pneumatic contact roller unit  Trim die-cutter
Vertical type recycling machine Instrument control switch
Specification Explanation
Tree-phase power supply : voltage and frequency in accordance with customer’s requirements.
Horsepower : machine 1 HP, vertical type recycling machine 1/4 HP
Electric heating : lead ladle 2.6KW, mould 5.2KW, lead furnace 22.5KW
Machine size : (L) 3655mm x (W) 932mm x (H) 3250mm
Loading size of machine : (L) 3100mm x (W) 1310mm x (H) 2380mm
Loading size of vertical type recycling machine : (L) 3480mm x (W) 980mm x(H) 1340mm
Machine weight : net weight 1500 kg, gross weight : 1800 kg
The specification will be changed without notice owing to our continuous research and design.

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